Baby Songs II

Baby Songs is your ultimate baby bedtime companion! Let your baby enjoy a full night's sleep with this magical app !


Baby Songs II helps your baby fall asleep and to spend peaceful nights. When your baby cries or fusses, the application automatically detects the ambient sounds and immediately starts playing lullabies and relaxing songs. The sound gradually diminishes until baby is asleep.


Thanks to its regularly updated library of songs and lullabies, the application lets you choose from a variety of music to help your baby fall asleep. If you want to further customize your experience, press the Menu \ "Custom \". You will then have the ability to record your own voice and import music directly from your iPhone / iPad library.


You can activate the "auto” mode and turn on the sound sensor, the application automatically detects noises and plays lullabies and selected night-light simultaneously until baby falls asleep.

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